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Yoga is for Every Body

Annabel Yoga Reviews

"Just wanted to let you know that I have noticed how much your yoga has helped me. Especially within my nursing, making me realise when to breathe and also in general just having an amazing and positive outlook on everything. Although I'm not stress or anxiety free (impossible I know) I feel like yoga has helped me manage it so much better.

So yes just a big thank you as I have noticed how calm I am in stressful situations recently!"

Rachel, Caterham  

"Annabel is a considerate and skillful teacher, who enables each person in our (mixed ability) group to shine. She helps individuals where needed, pushes us to reach our potential when appropriate and when wanted, always allowing everyone to develop in their own time. The atmosphere she creates is welcoming, supportive and respectful."

Rachel Leech

"Annabel is a superb yoga teacher, she holistically heals both body and mind. I always sleep really well on a Thursday night and feel worse if I miss a class. Thank you Annabel!"


“Since starting yoga classes with Annabel I've become much more aware of how I should be stretching.  Without straining you do feel more flexible within weeks.”

Mick Turner

Fully insured

DBS enhanced certification

Fluent in French & Spanish as well as English

“Annabel is an inspiring yoga teacher with a real depth of knowledge. She works well with beginners, and integrates classes with diverse abilities and body issues, seamlessly.”

Patrick Gallagher

on Annabel Yoga for London Fire Brigade

“Annabel's classes are fabulously relaxing but the best thing is I feel really energised the following day.”

Nikki Cooper

"I enjoy your classes immensely. No matter how tense I feel, at the end of your classes I feel calmer and relaxed.  You explain things thoroughly, make sure that we are all in the correct poses and assist us so we can get the best out of your classes.  The benefits of your yoga class are that they are most enjoyable, an excellent form of exercise and ensure a calmer state of mind.  Thank you very much!"

Michele Walker

I'm Annabel and I have been teaching yoga since 2003. I am passionate about

helping people learn how to feel better physically, mentally and emotionally.

I lead yoga classes, workshops and retreats for children and adults of all ages and

physical abilities. My students include corporate clients, schools, hospitals, people with

special needs and, of course, private individuals - for whom private sessions can be arranged.

The yoga I teach is based on hatha yoga, infused with mindfulness and personal development elements.

My students have always called it Annabel Yoga. Scroll further down the page to read what they have to say about Annabel Yoga.

I am based in Caterham and teach in Surrey, London, Sussex & Kent. For prices and what's on, visit my Classes and Events pages. You may like to take a look at some pictures of what we get up to.

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Benefits of Yoga

Physical Benefits:

increased strength & flexibility of muscles and joints

improved digestion and blood circulation

enhanced immune & endocrine functions

improved posture & greater physical awareness

prevention and relief of musculoskeletal disorders (eg back pain)

more energy

Mental Benefits:

mental clarity

greater emotional resilience

improved concentration & focussed attention

reduced anxiety

peaceful mind

Emotional Benefits:



a sense of wellbeing

increased capacity for dealing with life experiences, both pleasant and unpleasant

“Yoga makes the rough road smooth.”  

Rama of Haridwar

"8 months after knee surgery I was frustrated by lingering stiffness and aching despite an active regime of gym exercise and running.  After only 3 weeks of yoga – including leg stretches – I found I was wasn't thinking of the knee anymore as all symptoms had gone and 2 weeks after that there has been no recurrence.  Maybe it's coincidence but I don't think so."

Mark, Caterham

"I've always used to suffer from a stiff neck. I had physio several years ago and had real mobility issues with not being able to drop my chin to my chest. This is incredibly improved since doing yoga with you. And it's not just the flexibility in my neck/spine. I discovered the other day that I have grown.

I was measured accurately for my op which I had just before restarting yoga with you. Last week Elizabeth was marking heights on her wall for a project and noticed that when I stood next to the marks I was not where I should be. It seems in the last 2.5 years of doing yoga I have grown about 2cm.

I'm not sure how I feel about this. I've gone from a nice even 5ft to a more muddled not quite 5ft1!!"

Sam V.

Yoga is for Every Body

You do not have to be flexible or follow any belief system in order to do yoga.  Yoga is about developing a better understanding about how your body and mind work thereby maximising their potential.

Yoga is non-competitive and can be practiced by anyone regardless of age or physical condition.  Yoga postures can be adapted to the requirements of the individual.

Yoga, the Key to Increased Productivity & Wellbeing

Thousands of years ago, realising that they were only using a small part of their mental and physical potential, some men sought a way to increase the productivity of their minds and bodies.  The way they found was yoga.  And yoga remains as relevant to our needs today as it was in 5,000 BC India.

The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit yug meaning to yoke or unite.  Yoga enhances productivity by bringing body, mind and spirit into union.  When these three parts of our being are in balance, we are able progressively to develop our full abilities.

To some this may seem esoteric, yet it is something very practical which we have all experienced.  We have all had days when we feel we got out of bed on the wrong side - this is an example of feeling out of balance.  We have all experienced moments of clarity and inspiration when everything seems to be going our way - this is when our body-mind-spirit team is working in unison.

Yoga teaches us how to focus and bring about this union and inner balance.  It is a wonderful state to be in; yoga teaches us how to bring it about and, increasingly, to make it our normal condition.  And as we progress our level of achievement is heightened.  The really good news is that anyone can tread that path - provided they have the proper guide.

"I started yoga with Annabel about 7 or 8 years ago. I can't remember a time now without yoga in my life and I can't live without it. My husband was ill with incurable cancer from 2007 and I was living this temporary life, not knowing how long it would last for my three (then small) children and I. I had been suffering with anxiety and stress and was worried constantly. Once a week Annabel dragged me to the present time.  

By moving my body and focussing on me, and my mind for an hour and a half each week, I felt like I had a weekly reset button. Each week I could come and talk with friends and test my body's capabilities and keep fit but also reset a mind and thoughts that had a nasty habit of racing in to my future and trying to predict my life.

Annabel's classes incorporate mindfulness as well as yoga. They still the mind. We explored the sensations that crop up sometimes in various remote parts of our bodies. We noticed things because we were present. She showed me how to practice safely and corrected us if needed so that we could maximise the benefits of the yoga practice. At the end of each class Annabel took us through a relaxation routine, some of us snored through this occasionally! She sang to us beautifully.

I miss Annabel's yoga classes, I have moved away now but they kept me sane and calmer without doubt through my husband's long illness and subsequent death. I have no doubt that Yoga helped me be strong for my family in every possible way and I will now always practice. I have remarried and close to our new home I have a new teacher. It took some searching, but Annabel is my benchmark for perfection. Thank you. Xx"

Samantha Barnett

Ever thought yoga wasn't for you? Think again. Yoga is for Every Body.

Whether you want to ease your back pain, calm your mind or increase your flexibility, yoga can help.