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Better Sleep

2pm - 4pm, online via Zoom

Saturday 27th March 2021


Ever wondered how you can improve your sleep? Discover ancient wisdom for getting better sleep: looking at sleep through the yogic lens and getting an introduction to ayurvedic principles for keeping your body in balance to promote sleep.  

"It has been a wonderful morning.

My body and my mind feel relaxed, refreshed and ready for new opportunities."    

Karen, Peaceful HeART attendee

Examples of past workshops:

Brainstorming Secrets

Discover how to brainstorm more effectively as we explore how different physical poses affect the types of thoughts and ideas which arise in our mind. Experience it for yourself and unlock the power of embodied brainstorming in your personal and professional life

An Introduction to Meditation

If you have wanted to meditate but weren't sure how or whether you were doing it right, this is the workshop for you. It will break some myths about and obstacles to meditation as well as teaching simple ways of meditating. You will leave more relaxed and with at least one new meditation technique to practice at home.

Yoga for a Stronger & Healthier Back

Discover what can contribute to the discomfort in your back. Safely explore exercises which can increase the strength, comfort and mobility of your back. Learn how to make your back stronger & healthier.

A Day of Self-Discovery - Time for Yourself

A gentle workshop, designed in a creative and practical way to promote self-awareness. Give yourself this opportunity to tap into your inner wisdom. Feel nourished after a day of yoga and self-discovery.

An Introduction to Mindfulness

This workshop gives a glimpse of what Mindfulness can do for you and how it works. We explore the theory, including some basic neuroscience, to understand how our brain functions and how, with Mindfulness, we can get even more of what we want from it. There will also be some Mindfulness exercises so you can test the theory out for yourself on the day.

Practical Mindfulness for Every Day

How can we bring Mindfulness into our daily lives? In this workshop we will explore different ways of doing just that and to give ourselves effective opportunities to catch up with ourselves and regain perspective throughout the day. During this experiential workshop you will practice a range of techniques and leave equipped with practical tools to apply Mindfulness in your day to day.

How to get a Better Night's Sleep

This workshop will provide an understanding of what affects the quality of our sleep as well as how we can remedy sleeplessness. You will leave with a range of techniques to help you get a better night's sleep

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"Thank you for a wonderful day yesterday.

I can't tell you how much I needed it and how valuable the tools are that you have given me."

Claire, Edenbridge

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