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In Person Yoga Classes

How to Join

1. Register for your yoga class in advance by clicking here.

2. Places are limited so places can be reserved but will only be confirmed once payment has been received.

3. Fill in a health questionnaire if you are new to me or haven't been to my classes for a long time.

4. Come, have fun and leave feeling refreshed & relaxed.

Yoga in the Park

Queen's Park, Caterham

Saturdays 10am - 11:30am

Suitable for all levels of ability and yoga experience.

For live online yoga classes, click here.


£13 drop in 

£40 for 4 classes to be used within 4 consecutive weeks

£135 for 15 sessions to be used between 5th April - 17th July.

If you are unable to attend over Easter you can pay £117 for 13 sessions from 19th April - 17th July.

Book your next block now! Sessions can be used at any of my group classes whether online or in person. Your block expires once you have used up your sessions or the weeks have elapsed, whichever happens first.

What to bring

1. If you do not have a yoga mat you can do yoga on any other surface. Bring a blanket or towel instead. Just be careful not to slip!

2. Wear comfortable clothes which allow unrestricted movement. We do yoga in bare feet.

3. You might like to put your mat on a picnic blanket or bin liner to keep your mat clean and dry in the park.

4. Bring a blanket or anything else you need to keep you warm during the relaxation at the end of the session.

“Annabel's yoga class leaves me feeling very calm and relaxed.  I find yoga gives me a sense of physical and mental well-being and is an excellent way to help deal with stress.”

Judith Taylor

"I leave the classes feeling renewed having received all that I needed and what I did not know I needed."

Sonia Brown

Private yoga classes  

Private classes are available online or in person. Contact me for details.