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Benefits of Yoga for Children and Teenagers

Yoga is a non-competitive form of exercise.  Its benefits for children and teenagers include:

    ✓increased coordination

    ✓improved strength & flexibility

    ✓better knowledge of the body

    ✓improved self-awareness & self-acceptance

    ✓better focus & concentration

    ✓improved ability to cope with exam pressure

    ✓tools to calm the mind & manage emotions

    ✓greater self-belief

Yoga Works for Children

I came to yoga as an adult and was amazed to find that  many of the ‘official’ yoga postures which I was taught were ones that I had loved as a child.  Children do a lot of yoga naturally and instinctively.  Yoga works for children because it is simple and makes them feel good.

By starting young, yoga can give children a positive foundation in life with core skills which can be used again and again whenever they need or want.

Yoga helps children become calm, strong teenagers and adults at ease with themselvesand full of self-belief.

Kids & Teens

Annabel Yoga for Children and Teenagers

Annabel Yoga will come to your home, school, nursery or other organisation:

    Yoga Groups

    ✓ as part of the emotional intelligence (EQ) part of the curriculum

    ✓ a non-competitive PE activity

    ✓ pre-exam relaxation sessions

    ✓ introducing yoga to PE GCSE students

    Yoga 1-to-1

    ✓ personalised attention

    ✓ in the comfort of your own home

    ✓ at a time which suits you