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Online Yoga Classes

Choose Your Live Online Yoga Class

Tuesdays 9:30am-11am  (Contact me to book in advance.)

Tuesdays 8pm-9:30pm (Contact me to book in advance.)

Thursdays 9:30am-11am

Thursdays 8pm-9:30pm  .

Private classes available online or in person. Contact me

for details.

If your class is not listed above please call or email me.

How to Join

1. Download the Zoom app

2. Register for your yoga class in advance by clicking on the class of your choice in the list above.

3. Fill in a health questionnaire if you are new to me or haven't been to my classes for a long time.

4. Contact me for payment details

5. Log on early for the class, to allow you time to connect, set up your camera etc

Cost for Group Classes

£13 drop in 

£40 for 4 classes to be used within 4 consecutive weeks

£135 for 15 classes between 7th September - 18th December 2020

Book your next block now! They can also be used at my Saturday morning yoga classes in the park.


1. Mute your device while you set it up to avoid disrupting others

2. Zoom works on any device but the bigger the screen the better. If you can, cast it onto your TV.

3. Set up your yoga space somewhere where you will not be interrupted during the class.

NB. Rooms with scant furnishings tend to echo and give feedback which will result in you being muted throughout the class. You can of course unmute yourself at any time, but it's easier for you to be able to call out from the mat when you have any queries.

4. Allow enough space so that your camera shows you from top to toe.

5. If you do not have a yoga mat you can do yoga on any other surface. Just be careful not to slip!

6. Wear comfortable clothes which allow unrestricted movement. We do yoga in bare feet.

7. You may want to have a drink and a blanket to hand, and a charger!

8. Have fun!

In the current climate, my group classes will be online until spring/summer 2021

if not later. If you prefer yoga in person, get in touch for details of my yoga in the park and private classes. After lockdown the Thursday 8pm class will remain online.

“Annabel's yoga class leaves me feeling very calm and relaxed.  I find yoga gives me a sense of physical and mental well-being and is an excellent way to help deal with stress.”

Judith Taylor

"I leave the classes feeling renewed having received all that I needed and what I did not know I needed."

Sonia Brown